Employee invention process

Are you involved in managing a company with employees?

Have you been thinking about creating or optimizing the process for handling employee inventions?

In many jurisdictions including e.g. Finland and Germany, there is an employee invention act, which regulates the way a company is eligible to the rights to inventions made by their employees. Following the requirements is vital to ensuring protection of corporate business interests as well as avoiding future disputes with the inventor.

Examples of our areas of expertise are:

  • Procedural communication requirements – what to ask from and tell to the inventor?
  • Evaluation and decision-making process – how to decide on patent applications to file?
  • Compensation – inventors are typically entitled to fair compensation, what would that be?
  • Inventor compensation disputes – what to do if inventors are unhappy and finally seek relief in court?

With our experience both as inventor, as company representant for invention compensation negotiation and as a manager of patenting processes, we can help you make your employee invention process streamlined and efficient and your compensation scheme competitive and fair.