Inventor support

Do you think you or an employee of your company has invented something potentially patentable?

Is your company’s business idea related to a new, innovative concept?

Then it is worth using some time and effort to make sure that your intellectual property is properly registered and protected.

We can assist you with:

  • Reviewing the invention and extracting potentially patentable innovative ideas
  • Advise and guide the inventor to provide the proper framing of his invention, i.e. required technology background and technical details of the invention
  • Making the decision whether a public patent or a company secret is the best way forward for the case
  • Performing a prior art search to analyze the existing solutions for the underlying problem

With our experience in managing all matters relating to corporate employee inventions including management of the inventor interface, running patent boards and selecting patentable inventions, we can help you to make best use of your and your employee’s creative skills as a source of valuable intellectual property.