Infringement risk analysis

Did you get some information about a competitor solution or patent and want to assess whether there is some risk due to possible patent infringement?

Do you think you have some patents that might read on a competitor product or on a standard?

In both cases, a detailed analysis of the involved patents and technology will give you better insight on the situation and possible risks or opportunities.

We can assist you with:

  • Patent claim analysis, breakdown and mapping (known as claim charting)
  • Apparatus/hardware/software analysis for infringement checking
  • Standard specification analysis

For the scenario of patent infringement risk, we can also help you with risk mitigation actions, e.g.:

  • Design-around development and deployment
  • Licensing the patented technology

We have long experience with analyzing hardware and software, reading and creating claim charts and designing and deploying product changes to reduce patent infringement risk, which will be useful also for your particular need.