About us

The Company

Steudle Intellectual Engineering Ltd. was founded by Ville Steudle in January 2016 as a spin-out from Microsoft’s Intellectual Property Rights team with startup support from Microsoft.

Our intent is to operate at the intersection of technology and intellectual property rights and to offer our customers the combined knowledge expertise from both global Research&Development as well as working in global world-leading Intellectual Property teams.

Our core

Our business-as-usual has been for almost a decade helping to win technical arguments in patent office and court proceedings and hearings as well as in licensing negotiations.

Patent portfolio review and valuation and the related prosecution, abandonment, buy, sell and licensing decisions are further standard tasks.

We know employee invention matters both from the inventor and employee perspective.

Our special technical expertise on communication and mobile phone technologies, which we have gained through work experience at research & development, has been continuously updated, broadened and deepened, among others in the fields of computing, networks, embedded systems and codecs.

Projects, teamwork, international and multi-cultural cooperation, efficient and clear communication, quality and reliability are our central work practices.


About the Founder

Dipl.-Ing. Ville Steudle graduated from the University of Bremen with the german equivalent of a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and with focus on Communication Technologies.

Ville Steudle joined Nokia Mobile Phones’ Research & Development group in 1999 to work on the completion and implementation of the 3rd generation mobile communication standard, also known as UMTS. He worked as a chief engineer in the Physical Layer team and represented Nokia in 3GPP standardization. Later, he led the piloting project Physical Layer software architecture work for 3.5G (HSDPA) and for the integration of WiMAX functionality in pilot Nokia handheld devices for a cooperation project with Sprint, an US operator.

Finally, Ville continued representing Nokia’s modem team in 3GPP standardization also for 3.9G (also known as 4G or LTE) before changing his focus to Intellectual Property.

He joined Nokia’s Intellectual Property Rights team in 2007 and worked as technical lead in numerous patent valuation, licensing and litigation projects, among others against Qualcomm, IPCom, HTC.

In 2014, as part of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services business, Ville joined Microsoft’s Intellectual Property Rights group.

At Microsoft, he ran the daily management of the litigations inherited from Nokia, was technical lead for a number of licensing projects and contributed to Microsoft’s patent portfolio management and the related life cycle decisions. In addition, due to his broad experience, he managed a number of special projects including inventor compensation dispute litigation and technical advisory for the copyright levy negotiation team.

In 2016, Ville decided to use Microsoft’s startup support and founded Steudle Intellectual Engineering Ltd.

Ville Steudle is an internationally acknowledged expert for cellular communication and mobile phones in general as well as for related IPR matters. With his experience in international patent litigation, he is fully aware of the required quality of patents and their technical analysis to enabling successful claims in court.

Ville is inventor in a number of patents related to mobile phones and mobile communication, he is bilingual with German and Finnish as native languages and he communicates excellently also in English. This is complemented by solid French.

He is an authorized Finnish patent attorney and a member of the AIPPI and Finnish Intellectual Property (STY) associations.